Donald G. Hill, Ph.D., 

R.Gp., R.G., R.P.G.

Consulting Petrophysicist

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California Registered Geophysicist No. 170

California Registered Geologist No. 6043

Kentucky Registered Professional Geologist No. 1624

Texas Licensed Professional Geophysicist No. 6289


Temperature Tool Calibration Problems  


tmptl 50.jpg

The two "stabilized temperature profiles" above were from two different temperature logging contractors.  The differences between these two versions of truth could make or break this particular property at a very early stage in its development.  After review of all pertinent data (including calibration records) and re-logging the temperature hole with freshly calibrated equipment, it was determined that the Contractor A tool had failed.  Had a second vendor (contractor B) not been brought in to log this temperature hole, the prospect could easily have been abandoned prematurely.

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