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Electrically Enhanced Oil Production (EEOP)  demonstration increases oil production rate from a California Heavy Oil field, an order of magnitude.

Cal Gph.jpg

The above production history shows the effect of the application of an emerging Electrically Enhanced Oil Production (EEOP) technology to a California Heavy Oil Field.

The pay zone of this field an approximately 100 ft thick unconsolidated sand at a depth of approximately 3,200 ft below the ground surface (bgs).  The first 30 days of the above production history established the baseline or background production rate of 5 BOPD (heavy green line) 8.1° API gravity crude, with a 45% water cut and 1,750 - 2,000 SCFGPD gas with a 1,197 BTU/SCF produced gas energy content (PGEC) and 2,290 ppm H2S.

After 5 days of EEOP operation, production rate jumped to an average value of approximately 50 BOPD (heavy magenta line) 9.4° API gravity crude, with a 12% water cut and 3,800 SCFGPD gas with a 1,730 BTU/SCF PGEC and 4 - 40 ppm H2S.

After 24 days of this elevated performance, the well sanded up and the operator was unable to salvage the well.

This demonstration established the following:

  • An order of magnitude production rate increase
  • A 1.3° increase in API gravity
  • A 33% drop in water cut
  • An approximately two-fold increase in gas production
  • A 1.44 fold increase in gas energy content
  • Near complete removal of produced H2S

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