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Proper selection of wireline measurements and display easily highlights a fractured vesicular basalt reservoir.


The above composite log suite is from a geothermal well drilled into a fractured vesicular basalt reservoir.  The log suite consists of a dual (crossed X-Y) caliper, dual induction, micro-spherically focused log (DIMSFL), spontaneous potential (SP), gamma ray (GR), borehole compensated (BHC) sonic, formation density compensated (FDC), and compensated neutron log (CNL).

Track 1 contains the X & Y calipers, track 2 contains the GR and SP, track 3 contains the DIMSFL resistivities, track 4 contains the BHC inverted to velocity, and track 5 contains the FDC & CNL. 

The reservoir starts at about 760 ft.   At that depth, the resistivities, GR, and BHC velocity all drop and the FDC/CNL overplot switches to a clay type cross-over. 

The interpretation is that the fractured vesicular basalt reservoir rock has been leached by the geothermal fluids, resulting in argillic alteration of the basalt. 

There is also an approximately -60 mv SP anomaly.  This was due to the fact that the well was logged while pumping 1,600 BPD water down the "kill line" to cool the well so that conventional, or non-hostile environment logs (HEL), could be run.  This very high water input, resulted in a large streaming potential build up across the filter cake opposite the reservoir.

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