Donald G. Hill, Ph.D., 

R.Gp., R.G., R.P.G.

Consulting Petrophysicist

"The World is my District"


California Registered Geophysicist No. 170

California Registered Geologist No. 6043

Kentucky Registered Professional Geologist No. 1624

Texas Licensed Professional Geophysicist No. 6289


Potash Logging, Canada 



This was supposed to be a winterized drill rig!  That was cold comfort to the slim-hole logging engineer and me, as we spent 18 hr, huddled in his camper shell logging unit running the logs for this borehole. 

After a short nap, I prepared the Multiple Log Potash Assay, presented it to the client and then drove through an ice storm to the airport for my trip home. 

The major difference between slim-hole logging and major vendors wireline logging operations is the crew size (1 man) and the logging sonde sizes (2.5 " x 3 - 20 ').  Slim-hole logging vendors also usually need a little more care and handling than major venders. 

It has been my experience, however, that I can get slim-hole wireline logging vendor products with quality comparable to those of the major logging vendors. 

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