Donald G. Hill, Ph.D., 

R.Gp., R.G., R.P.G.

Consulting Petrophysicist

"The World is my District"


California Registered Geophysicist No. 170

California Registered Geologist No. 6043

Kentucky Registered Professional Geologist No. 1624

Texas Licensed Professional Geophysicist No. 6289


Geothermal Logging Operations, US 



Intermediate depth temperature holes are drilled on a 7/24 schedule much like deep, producable geothermal wells.  In this case, "Bull Dog", the Tool Pusher, called out a major logging vendor to run a complete suite of wireline measurements. 

The major differences between intermediate depth temperature holes and producable geothermal wells are the bit size (6.25"), the drill rig (the racked drill pipe are double 20' joints, and they are standing on the ground), the drilling crew (a driller and two helpers), and the crew schedule (2 Tours/24 hr).  I have had very good success running normal (i.e., not HEL) major logging vendor tools in these small diameter boreholes.

Also, like deep wells, the logging jobs seem to start and end after dark.

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