Donald G. Hill, Ph.D., 

R.Gp., R.G., R.P.G.

Consulting Petrophysicist

"The World is my District"


California Registered Geophysicist No. 170

California Registered Geologist No. 6043

Kentucky Registered Professional Geologist No. 1624

Texas Licensed Professional Geophysicist No. 6289


The Tool Pusher is Your Friend


Sometimes, in the rush to "get the well down and protect it with casing", the object of drilling it in the first place - to evaluate a reservoir - is overlooked.

Decisions about mud type, mud chemistry and drilling rates can effect the condition of the borehole and, subsequently, the quality of the wireline and/or MWD petrophysical measurements.


Using dispersive muds (e.g., lignosulfonate) to drill expansive clay shales risks stuck logging tools, severe borehole wash-outs, and caving.

Attempting to keep a borehole open by "weighting up the mud" may be counter productive, as the increased borehole fluid pressure will drive the mud chemicals into any cracks in the borehole wall.

"Making hole too fast" runs the risk of building insufficient mud cake to keep the borehole open for wireline operations and running casing.

I will work with your Drilling Department and drilling contractors to provide the best possible environment for Wireline and/or MWD petrophysical measurements.

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