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California Registered Geophysicist No. 170

California Registered Geologist No. 6043

Kentucky Registered Professional Geologist No. 1624

Texas Licensed Professional Geophysicist No. 6289


Uranium Logging Operations, US  



Uranium exploration usually involves slim-hole coring and wireline measurements.  This particular property was a candidate for in-situ leach mining, so we brought in a major logging vendor for comparison of porosity tools. 

The above tableau (an analog logging van, a digital recording truck, a derrick truck, three logging engineers and three operators) is what resulted for a 900 ft corehole.  Much to everyone's relief, the slim-hole logging vendor's porosity tool results agreed very well with those of the major logging vendor. 

The major logging vendor tied up all of that equipment and personnel for a week.  The client was upset with the $1,500 logging charge for three coreholes and need to ream out the coreholes to accommodate the major logging vendor's tools. 

Needless to say, I sent a flowery thank you note to the major logging vendor operations manager with a cc to the client's sister oil & gas E&P company Petrophysicist. 

I doubt very much that the major logging vendor became involved in this exercise for the income from this particular job.  

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